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Wicca Psychic Aspasia

If You Need Help With Love, Money Or Spells - Call Me Need a spell cast or have questions about a lover or career choice? Tarot reader and psychic Aspasia has been studying the mystical realms for over 30 years to understand her clairvoyance and affinity with nature. Aspasia is very familiar with many forms of magick and has spent years studying the occult. When you need help with love, relationships, career, call Aspasia. Free 3 Minute Reading!

You can contact Aspasia at:
 Aspasia's Ext. 17079
(Toll Free For USA and Canada)
More About Psychic Aspasia

Runestone Readings

For A Live Rune Stone Reading - Call Me Professional psychic Denise specializes in the divinational art of interpreting Rune Stones. Any question can be asked of the Runes and a cast of the runestones can reveal more about love, money, the future than you can imagine. Denise's clients and caller appreciate her ability to be direct, communicating exactly what she reads in the runestones while combining what she "hears" from her guiding spirits. Questions about love, career,family? Call Denise.

You can contact Denise at:
  Denise's Ext. 7842
(Toll Free For USA and Canada)
Learn More About Psychic Denise

Psychic Amber

Psychic Fairy Dust Has The Skills To Help - From Clairvoyance To Spell Casting With nearly 30 years experience in the mystical and metaphysical field, Amber has the talents and experience to assist anyone with questions of love, business, career, family or just about any issue. Amber has committed her life to assisting people with finding the answers. A natural clairvoyant and with decades of experience as a tarot reader. A calm and gentle spirit, Amber is ready to help you with whatever questions you have.

You can reach Amber at:
Amber's Ext. 7223
(Toll Free For USA and Canada)
More About Psychic Amber

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Spirit Mediums, Numerologists And Witch Help

Numerology Psychic Madeline

For A Detail Love Readings Give Me A Call Madeline is a respected clairvoyant and Numerologist. In fact, she is a respected numerology teacher. Madeline is making time available for professional readings to help those seeking answers involving love, relationships, career, finance and any other situation where special insight is required. Madeline's rare talent for accurate numerology readings in conjunction with her clairvoyant skills make her a popular reader with clients seeking honest advice.

Contact Madeline at:
Madeline's Ext. 7336
(Toll Free For USA and Canada)
Learn More About Madeline

Shaman Psychic Corinne

For A Detail Love Readings Give Me A Call Psychic Corinne has chosen to embrace the more "native and natural" techniques and divination arts to express her clairvoyance. Corinne is drawn toward the mysticism of shamanism and the simplicity of the a more natural approach. Want answers? Ready to work with a psychic dedicated to helping YOU get the more from your life: More love, abundance and peace? With 30 years professional experience as a clairvoyant, Corinne can help
More About Psychic Corinne

You can reach Corinne at:
Corinne's Ext.  7078
(Toll Free For USA and Canada)

Spirit Medium Psychic Ricky

Psychic Aria - Spirit Medium Readings Although in no way involved with Wicca or Spellcasting, you will likely find that Ricky is a mind blowing spirit medium absolutely dedicated to his craft. Clients and callers are often dumbfounded by his spirit medium readings. Want to contact the spirit world? Contact Psychic Ricky for a reading and/or spiritual counseling.

Contact Ricky at:
Ricky's Ext.  8106
(Toll Free For USA and Canada)
About Spirit Medium Psychic Ricky

(Ricky is one of the psychics recommended through Psychic Selection, a free service to help clients select the the perfect reader.

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